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Trump-Kim Summit

Trump and Kim sign some sort of 'historic' document at the end of Singapore summit

President Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un wrapped up their five-hour summit on Tuesday by signing a document side by side. "The letter that we're signing will be very comprehensive, and I think both sides will be happy with this," Trump said. "We have developed a very special bond. People are going to be very impressed and very happy." A denuclearization process will start "very quickly," he added. Trump declined to say what the document contained but said it will probably be handed out to the press before his press conference.

Kim said he and Trump "had a historic meeting and decided to leave the past behind and to sign the historic document. The world will see a change." Trump bade farewell to Kim in front of interspersed U.S. and North Korean flags — a display many analysts called an equalizing propaganda coup for Kim — and Trump praised Kim and said he would "absolutely" invite him to the White House.

Before the signing, Politico's Eliana Johnson noted, "a North Korean official wearing latex gloves appeared to clean and inspect the pen on Kim's side of the table." The North Korean leader smiled as he shook hands during the farewell ceremony and patted Trump on the small of his back before leaving the room.