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House overwhelmingly rejects GOP 'compromise' immigration bill

A Republican immigration bill was defeated in the House by a wide margin Wednesday, despite President Trump's last-minute endorsement.

The so-called "compromise" bill, crafted by House GOP leaders, garnered only 121 votes, with 301 representatives — including 112 Republicans — voting against it, Politico reports. The proposal would have authorized $25 billion for Trump's Mexico border wall, given young immigrant DREAMers a narrow path to citizenship, restricted legal immigration, and barred the federal government from separating migrant families.

Many expected the bill to fail, but some GOP lawmakers thought support from Trump would help. After publicly vacillating on the proposal, the president finally threw his weight behind the measure Wednesday morning, tweeting in all-caps that "HOUSE REPUBLICANS SHOULD PASS THE STRONG BUT FAIR IMMIGRATION BILL." Analysts like HuffPost's Matt Fuller say the overwhelming rejection is an "embarrassment" for both the GOP and Trump himself, pointing out how unusual it is for a bill to be defeated by such a large margin.