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a trump of two tales

A simple case study of Trump's ever-changing stories

President Trump apparently has a friend who has hired former prisoners, most of whom turned out to be pretty good employees.

Then again, it could be two friends, judging by how Trump has changed the facts of this story in a month:

Notably, this isn't a story Trump threw around at a Mar-a-Lago party, decided wasn't getting enough laughs, and embellished to impress some celebrity who stopped by for dinner. These two stories come from remarks at two different White House events.

The first, where Trump's pal hired three prisoners but one was a dud, comes from May 18's prison reform summit. The second, where Trump insinuates seven out of 10 ain't bad, was told Friday at the six-month celebration of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.

Break these humans down to a ratio like the president did, and you've got a 66 percent success rate upgraded to 70 percent. What a deal!