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families belong together

5 of the most memorable signs from the 'Families Belong Together' march

Saturday's "Families Belong Together" march in Washington, D.C. — plus about 600 sister events in cities nationwide and among expat communities abroad — saw tens of thousands of Americans braving extreme heat to protest the Trump administration's immigration policies, particularly the recently halted practice of separating migrant children from their parents at the border.

The National Park Service anticipated 50,000 attendees at the main event, and by late morning, rally organizers estimated at least 30,000 were on site. "This is not left or right. It is right and wrong," said MoveOn.org's Anna Galland, who helped plan the event. "I think if you asked someone on the street, 'Is it a political question whether we should tear babies out of their mother's arms?' they would say, 'No, that's a moral question,'" she told CNN. "And this is a moment of moral outrage."

See five of the most memorable signs from the protest below. Bonnie Kristian