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CNN's Chris Cuomo: Trump is being 'petty,' won't lower flags for Capital Gazette victims because he 'doesn't like the media'

CNN's Chris Cuomo blasted President Trump on Monday night for declining the mayor of Annapolis' request to lower American flags in honor of the five Capital Gazette newspaper employees shot and killed last week.

"Is there a protocol that would make it weird to respect the dead journalists?" Cuomo asked on Cuomo Prime Time. No, he answered, because it was done for the victims of the Las Vegas and Parkland shootings. It's not a numbers thing, either, as flags were lowered following the recent deaths of former first lady Barbara Bush and Billy Graham. "Why was the Annapolis mayor turned down with such a no-brainer request?" Cuomo said. "I'm afraid I know the answer, and it's because President Trump doesn't like the media."

Cuomo said it sounds "extraordinarily petty and callous," but Trump is the same man who mocked Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) for being captured during the Vietnam War and let a staffer stay at the White House who ridiculed his health. "Trump unfortunately is entirely capable of disrespecting people no matter their predicament if it suits him or his interests," Cuomo said. "Yes, Trump did say he respects journalists after the mass murder, but why would you believe that? Why would you believe he's not lying again?" Catherine Garcia