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Watch Cynthia Nixon's brutal ad slamming Andrew Cuomo's refusal to return Trump campaign donations

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) likes to cast himself as a fierce opponent of President Trump.

Cynthia Nixon isn't so sure.

The progressive gubernatorial challenger launched a calculated attack on Cuomo Thursday, pointing out that he received campaign donations from Donald Trump as recently as 2009. Nixon revealed the findings in a Facebook ad and fundraising email, both demanding Cuomo return $64,000 of President Trump's contributions.

Things only got worse for Cuomo. When asked if he'd return Trump's money, Cuomo oddly said he "will be deeply critical of him and keep the contributions." So Nixon proceeded to tear him apart.

On Friday, Nixon's campaign released this savage response to Cuomo's statement. The ad brings up Trump's assertion in a 2015 Republican debate that Democrats he's donated to "are there for me" whenever he calls, and features audio of Cuomo on the verge of praising the president.

Judging by Nixon's many brutal attacks so far in the campaign, Cuomo should've known she wouldn't just let this one go.