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Bill Shine's wife had a shockingly racist Twitter feed until her husband joined the Trump administration

When former Fox News executive Bill Shine officially joined the White House communications team on Thursday, his wife's Twitter account was deleted.

But before that happened, Mediaite nabbed screenshots of some of Darla Shine's most unsavory posts, sharing them with the public on Friday. Over the years, Shine traversed a diverse range of hot-button issues, airing her grievances on everything from vaccines to Stormy Daniels. Shine also tweeted a number of racist and Islamophobic opinions, the screenshots show.

Shine, who ran a blog and podcast about being a "happy housewife," complained repeatedly about not being to use the n-word, demanding that "blacks stop using the N word!" in the interest of fairness. She also defended University of Oklahoma students who sang a racist song about "never" allowing black students into their fraternity, and said that "Big Pharma" was to blame for Charleston shooter Dylann Roof's actions. The Confederate flag fan additionally wanted to ban "the Muslim face veil" worn by American Muslim women, and claimed that "1 out of 10 black boys has autism!"

Neither Darla nor Bill Shine responded to Mediaite's requests for comment. Darla's many, many unfounded and offensive claims have been scrubbed from the web, but more of them are available for viewing at Mediaite.