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Giuliani says Mueller's Russia probe is 'the most corrupt investigation I have ever seen'

Rudy Giuliani on CNN

President Trump wants to testify before Special Counsel Robert Mueller, Trump's personal attorney Rudy Giuliani said on ABC's This Week Sunday, but his lawyers won't allow him. To let Trump talk would be leading "our client like a lamb going to the slaughter," Giuliani said. "We wouldn't be lawyers if we would do that."

Furthermore, Giuliani told host George Stephanopulos, Mueller's probe into Russian election meddling is "the most corrupt investigation I have ever seen" and "they've never really told us what they're investigating [the president for], which of course we want to know."

Giuliani also spoke confidently of Mueller's investigation of his predecessor, Trump's former personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, in connection to the president's relationship with and Cohen's payments to adult film star Stormy Daniels. "I have no concerns that Michael Cohen is going to do anything but tell the truth, and if he does, as I said, there's no suggestion that anything happened," Giuliani maintained.

Watch two clips of Giuliani's remarks below. Bonnie Kristian