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Watch an extremely uncomfortable John Kelly squirm as Trump rants about Germany at the NATO summit

Chief of Staff John Kelly has been rumored to be on the verge of leaving the White House practically since he got in, but the gossip has ramped up in recent months to what seems like a breaking point. "Kelly has referred to [President] Trump multiple times as an 'idiot,' and has grown frustrated with his policy ignorance," Vanity Fair wrote in April.

While it is always prudent to take such reports with a grain of salt, Kelly certainly looked wickedly uncomfortable on Wednesday as he listened to Trump go to town on Germany at the NATO summit breakfast. As the president defiantly told allies "Germany is totally controlled by Russia" and "you tell me if that's appropriate," Kelly squirmed in the background, looking like he wished he could be swallowed up by the floor.

To be fair to Kelly, U.S. Ambassador to NATO Kay Bailey Hutchison doesn't look any more comfortable. Watch the extremely awkward moment below, and revisit Kelly's similar reaction at the United Nations last year here. Jeva Lange