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Fox News editor correctly predicts Trump will 'fly into Brussels like a seagull' and 'defecate all over everything'

Some may say President Trump was ready to shake things up at this week's NATO summit in Brussels. Fox News politics editor Chris Stirewalt opted for a more graphic simile.

In a Fox News @ Night appearance late Tuesday, Stirewalt anticipated that Trump wasn't just going to disrupt the norm during the meeting of North American and European allies, which begins in earnest Wednesday. Instead, Trump would "fly into Brussels like a seagull" and "defecate all over everything, squawk, and fly away," he told host Shannon Bream.

Trump went into the NATO meeting prepared to challenge the organization, saying the U.S. protects its allies more than they protect America and deserves a break on tariffs to make up for it. That prompted concern from former diplomats and even Republicans, including Sen. Bob Corker (Tenn.), who warned Trump against making consolations with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Trump is meeting with Putin next week.

"I want to tell these Republicans, quit kidding yourselves," Stirewalt said on Fox News @ Night. "You will not stop Donald Trump from undermining NATO ... and you will not stop him from realigning U.S. foreign policy to be more favorable toward Russia."

So far, Stirewalt has been right. Trump didn't even make it through Wednesday's breakfast before tearing into Germany for being "captive to Russia," and on Tuesday he said his upcoming meeting with Putin may be the "easiest of them all." Only time will tell how many more messy bombshells Trump will drop.