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Fox's Chris Wallace grills John Bolton on Trump's claim that the media causes wars

President Trump lobbed a new attack at the media on Twitter Sunday, accusing the press of intentionally fomenting conflict, including war:

On Fox News Sunday, interviewing Trump's National Security Adviser John Bolton, host Chris Wallace was not going to let that slide. He conceded media bias exists — "people get stories wrong, and people are called out for it" — but argued the president's language "is taking it to a completely different level." And anyway, Wallace asked Bolton, "what wars have we started?"

Bolton did not answer the question. He offered a quibbling reply on how "press bias has been around for a long, long time," suggesting the idea that journalists cause war is simply "the president's view based on the attacks that the media made on him." Bolton concluded, "I think this kind of adversarial relationship is difficult."

Watch below for the full interview, which also includes discussion on Venezuela, North Korea, and more. Bonnie Kristian

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