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Trump introduces the cutest logos for America's sixth military branch

It's a circus tent! It's a NASA knock-off! It's a bunch of potential logos for the Space Force, President Trump's proposed sixth branch of the military!

Six bright, retro designs crash-landed into inboxes Thursday afternoon, asking Trump email list subscribers to vote for the cutesy design they most want to see represent America's extraterrestrial might. There's a space shuttle being dragged down by a parachute. There's ketchup and mustard NASA. There's even one reading "Mars Awaits" that's sure to be downright vintage if Americans land on the red planet soon, like Trump hopes.

These logos are truly adorable, and they'd be great for the peewee version of Space Mountain, or as a patch on the jacket of the softest punk of all time. They just may not strike fear into the hearts of America's intergalactic enemies like a brawny military logo should.