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like a wet rag

Trump mocks Al Franken for resigning over sexual misconduct allegations

After previously saying the sexual misconduct allegations against former Minnesota Democratic Sen. Al Franken were "really bad," President Trump now seems to think he should not have resigned so quickly.

During a rally Thursday night, Trump mocked the former senator, who resigned after multiple women accused him of unwanted kissing and groping. He decided to step down about a month after the first allegation emerged. Trump said that Franken, who he called a "wacky" guy, "folded up like a wet rag" and "was gone so fast. It was like 'oh he did something?' Oh, I resign, I resign. I quit."

Trump also mocked Franken's replacement, Sen. Tina Smith (D-Minn.), saying that "nobody knows who the hell she is."

These comments come as Trump is fighting for Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, who he believes was falsely accused of sexual misconduct by multiple women. Earlier this week, the president said it's a "very scary" time for men because "somebody could accuse you of something ... and you're automatically guilty." Watch the president's comments below. Brendan Morrow