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It wasn't all bad

Puppy that protected his owner from rattlesnake named Dog of the Year

Todd, the first-ever Milk-Bone Dog of the Year, has had a very interesting few months.

In July, he was on a walk in Anthem, Arizona, with his owner, Paula Godwin, and her other dog, Copper, when they came across a rattlesnake. Todd got between the snake and Godwin, and ended up getting bitten. Godwin raced Todd to the vet, where he received anti-venom treatment. Once the 6-month-old puppy was back home and recovering, Godwin posted about the incident on Facebook. Milk-Bone saw her post, and sent plenty of treats to the brave pup.

The accolades didn't stop there. Last week, Todd and Godwin traveled to Beverly Hills, where Todd was named the Milk-Bone Dog of the Year at the Streamy Awards. Olympic skier Gus Kenworthy presented Todd with the award, which will go to dogs who overcome obstacles and show loyalty and bravery. Godwin said being part of the celebration was "so rewarding," and they felt "truly grateful and blessed." Catherine Garcia