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Trump now says he won't declare a national emergency

President Trump has decided he won't declare a national emergency to build his border wall.

Amid an ongoing government shutdown, Trump has floated the idea of declaring a national emergency to pay for a border wall with Mexico. But asked Monday if he's still considering that option, Trump said he's "not looking to do that" because "this is so simple, you shouldn't have to."

Most lawmakers, including Republicans, warned Trump against declaring a national emergency, saying a potential Democratic president could do the same regarding climate change. Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), though, strongly compelled Trump to "declare a national emergency NOW" on Friday. He then suggested Trump reopen the government and, if border wall negotiations don't move forward, declare a national emergency later.

Trump turned down that idea on Monday, hitting Democrats for visiting Puerto Rico this past weekend instead of discussing the longest-ever government shutdown. If Democrats would give in to Trump's $5.7 billion border funding demand, reopening the government would be "simple," he says. With both national emergency options rejected and Democrats still unwilling to bend, it's unclear just how Trump intends to reopen the government and get what he wants.