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Bryan Singer's next movie has been shelved following sexual abuse allegations

The studio that planned to go forward with a movie by Bryan Singer in spite of the sexual abuse allegations against him may be getting cold feet.

Red Sonja, a fantasy film Singer was to direct, is no longer on Millennium Films' slate, and it is not expected to shoot this year as previously planned, Deadline reports. The project has not been canceled nor has Singer been fired, but this would seem to be a reaction to the allegations against him, and Deadline notes that the movie has been repeatedly delayed over the past decade.

Singer faced new allegations of sexually abusing underage boys in an exposé published by The Atlantic. He denied the allegations, as he has denied past allegations of rape and sexual assault. Singer was already signed on to Red Sonja when this Atlantic article was published, and Millennium Films CEO Avi Lerner said in a stunning statement that Singer wouldn't be fired because "I know the difference between agenda driven fake news and reality." Lerner later said this statement "came out the wrong way" and that he didn't even write it. He also said, however, "I have got a reason why I doubt that [Singer] has done it."