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Trump is reportedly feeling tired

The 2020 re-election campaign for President Trump knows it has a lot of work cut out to get the president back into the Oval Office. The electoral map looks to be more challenging than it was in 2016 with states like Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania likely to be close-calls that could possibly flip back to the Democratic nominee.

Then, there's the matter of the Democratic field. It's currently log-jammed, but the high volume of candidates has made it more difficult for the Trump campaign to focus on beating specific contenders.

But a New York Times report detailing the early strategies of the campaign team included another issue that could stand in the way of their goals: Trump is reportedly tired.

Per the Times, White House aides said the 72-year-old president is a bit weary after two years in office. Trump, who will turn 73 in June, was an "unstoppable" campaigner last go around and has continued to hold several campaign-style rallies even while serving as president. But he will reportedly slow things down for the 2020 elections — he'll commit to just one campaign event per day and has already balked about heading out west for a rally during a fundraising push. Read more about the re-election campaign at The New York Times.