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do i sense a rivalry?

Watch Trump pretend he's not jealous of his adviser Stephen Miller

Stephen Miller may be in President Trump's good graces, but the senior adviser is certainly not allowed to steal the spotlight.

Throughout Trump's presidency, Miller has worked behind the scenes to orchestrate several of the administration's harshest anti-immigration policies. He also reportedly coordinated former Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen's ouster, prompting a reporter to ask Trump on Wednesday if he'd consider slotting Miller into the role.

What seemed like an innocent suggestion quickly got Trump on the defensive. Sure, Miller is "a wonderful person" who's "been with me from the beginning," Trump said. Yet "frankly, there's only one person that's running it," Trump said of his immigration policies, adding, "it's me."

Trump's insistence comes amid reports that Miller has been behind the administration's cuts to the U.S.'s refugee cap, a proposed renewal of the family separation policy, and a cleanout of the entire Department of Homeland Security.