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lake a fisher cat

2020 GOP challenger Bill Weld has a weasel for a campaign mascot

Bill Weld is raising a good question: Why don't more presidential campaigns have mascots?

The former governor of Massachusetts formally announced his candidacy for president on Monday, following up his 2016 vice presidential bid on the Libertarian ticket. He's promising a "ferocious" GOP challenge to President Trump — as ferocious as this #FisherCat he's choosing to represent his campaign.

For those unfamiliar, what Weld is misleadingly calling a fisher cat is actually a member of the weasel family. They are known for their fiercely carnivorous attitude, which is presumably the feeling Weld wanted to evoke as he walked into a New Hampshire diner on Tuesday and yelled "I am back." "Two people clapped in a nearby booth," The Boston Globe reports, while everyone else seemed "oblivious to the tall redhead in a leather jacket adorned with a Weld 2020 button."

Still, Weld is hoping to weasel his way into the White House with a moderate, Republican, and very longshot campaign.