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A majority of seniors now say they definitely won't back Trump in 2020

President Trump has seemingly lost his lock on some key voting groups.

In an earlier analysis of 2016 voter data, Pew Research Center found that Trump easily won over voters age 65 and up, with a margin of 53-44. Yet that group may now be at risk for Trump, with 53 percent saying they definitely wouldn't vote for him in 2020, a Washington Post/ABC News poll has found.

Beyond seniors, the Washington Post/ABC News poll also shows Trump's support among other groups is waning. A solid 62 percent of women now say they definitely won't vote for Trump in 2020, and 41 percent of white women without a college degree say the same. Per Pew's 2016 analysis, Trump only lost 54 percent and 34 percent of those groups to Hillary Clinton, respectively.

Trump is also seeing a significant loss of independent voters, with 42 percent voting against him in 2016 and 51 percent saying they definitely won't now, the Washington Post/ABC News poll reveals. That could be an especially troubling sign for Trump, seeing as independents make up about a third of the U.S. electorate. And senior voters, as Pew's analysis showed in 2016, make up a bit more than a quarter.

The Washington Post/ABC News poll surveyed 1,001 adults from April 22-25, with 65 percent surveyed on cell phones and 35 percent on landlines, and with a 3.5 percent margin of error.