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John Kelly is now literally profiting off migrant child detention

Former White House Chief of Staff John Kelly can now count on a second line of income.

In addition to his attempt at scoring paid speaking gigs, Kelly has now joined the board of Caliburn International, the company has confirmed to CBS News. Caliburn is the parent company of Comprehensive Health Services, which operates four massive for-profit shelters that have government contracts to house unaccompanied migrant children.

Kelly's new job first became apparent when protesters gathered outside Comprehensive Health Services' Homestead, Florida facility last month — it's the biggest unaccompanied migrant child detention center in the country. They, along with a local TV station, spotted Kelly enter the facility, and CBS News later confirmed his affiliation.

The Trump administration obviously had a lot of high-profile controversies tied to detaining migrant children, but it's unlikely that contributed to Kelly's hiring. "The Caliburn board includes other former high-ranking military personnel," and its "portfolio includes work in a variety of defense sectors," CBS News writes. Caliburn's CEO praised Kelly's addition to the team in a statement, saying the "board remains acutely focused on advising on the safety and welfare of unaccompanied minors who have been entrusted to our care by the Department of Health and Human Services."

Kelly left the Trump White House at the end of 2018, and later publicly called his chief of staff tenure "the least enjoyable job" he's ever had. Before that, he was on the advisory board for the investment firm DC Capital, which owns Caliburn. Read more at CBS News.