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2020 Campaign

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio squeezes into crowded Democratic presidential field

There are still some elected Democratic officials in the U.S. who are not running for president, but second-term New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio isn't among them anymore. De Blasio jumped in the race Thursday morning, aiming to explain why he is joining the almost comically overcrowded Democratic primary field in a 3-minute launch video.

De Blasio is running on the slogan "Working People First," arguing that there is plenty of money in America but it's in the wrong hands. The 6-foot-5 mayor also says he can beat President Trump because he's beat him in court and understands how to take on a New York "bully." On Monday, de Blasio stood outside Trump Tower and announced that eight Trump Organization buildings would owe New York City $2.1 million a year if the Trumps don't make their towers more energy-efficient.

His first campaign stop is Friday morning in Gowrie, Iowa, and he'll head to South Carolina on Saturday and Sunday.