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hollywood to the rescue

Pamela Anderson wants Hollywood to defend Julian Assange

Pamela Anderson spent her weekend attending the Cannes Film Festival, but she wasn't there to talk movies.

The former Baywatch star has previously taken to defending Julian Assange and advocating for his release from prison, and she called on Hollywood to take a stand while attending Vanity Fair's annual Cannes afterparty in the south of France.

"Now it's really important for Hollywood to get behind Julian Assange," Anderson told The Hollywood Reporter. "I don't mind coming to these parties and talking to friends and seeing how they feel about it."

Anderson, who now lives in France, feels like it's her duty to clear up any misinformation that many people may have about Assange, who is currently serving a 50-week sentence in a London prison.

"He needs public support, and people in Hollywood have a voice. Everyone is a little bit brainwashed because of the election, and they blame it on him or whatever they want to do," Anderson said.

Anderson previously claimed that "public support could set him free," and she wrote to Kanye West asking him to speak out in defense of Assange.