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is arlington bridge falling down?

Trump's dream Fourth of July celebration could cause a bridge collapse

President Trump really, really wants tanks to roll up at his Fourth of July celebration.

So much so that he's risking the destruction of Washington, D.C.'s infrastructure just to bring them to the city. Despite concerns over the health of the capital's roads, bridges, and monuments, at least two tanks and other military vehicles have already arrived at a train station at the edge of D.C., The Associated Press reports.

Trump has long pushed for a military parade, and even started planning one for last Veteran's Day before those discussions tapered off. This Independence Day, a military vehicle-filled extravaganza actually seems like a reality. Trump has proudly claimed that he'll have "brand new Sherman tanks" on display this Thursday, though he didn't explain how he'll get new builds of vehicles that haven't been in service since the 1950s.

The tanks' location is particularly relevant given that Arlington Memorial Bridge, which links the Lincoln Memorial with Arlington National Cemetery, may not be able to support their weight, The New York Times reports. Engineers are also reportedly mapping out whether the heavy vehicles will damage underground rooms at the Lincoln Memorial, where Trump told reporters tanks would be "stationed outside," per The Washington Post.

Even if the tanks stay off the Arlington bridge, they're still likely to tear up D.C.'s roads as they head to the National Mall. Former GOP House Speaker Newt Gingrich has decided this isn't a problem, telling the Times that "other than the fact they have to pay to fix the streets, who cares?"