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Mitt Romney's stance on Trump's tweets comes after a local news cliffhanger

Sen. Mitt Romney's (R-Utah) has thoughts on President Trump's tweets — after the equivalent of a few commercial breaks.

Trump tweeted a racist attack on four Democratic congressmembers on Sunday, which was met with quick condemnation from Democrats and slower, more tepid condemnation from some Republican lawmakers. Romney joined the fray Monday and told NBC10 Boston that he felt "a number of these new members of Congress have views that are not consistent with my experience and not consistent with building a strong America."

But of course, readers were itching for more from the former GOP presidential nominee, who's been a frequent spurn to the president since he entered office this year. So NBC10 Boston's Alison King tweeted out this quote and cliffhanger.

Outrage promptly ensued over the traditional local "tonight at five" hook. But after a brutal 15 minutes, King obliged and tweeted out Romney's response to the question of racism a few hours early. Spoiler alert: It was a big nothingburger. Kathryn Krawczyk