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mueller testimony

Most analysts agree the Mueller testimony is an all-around dud

Hours remain of former Special Counsel Robert Mueller's testimony before Congress, but so far nobody is learning much. Not that that's unexpected.

Mueller has been succinct in his answers — when he actually provides them. Mueller has frequently asked members of the committee to repeat their questions, or otherwise referred them to the report. Either way, the lawmakers appear to be doing most of the talking.

All told, it's not going swimmingly for the Democrats. While they mostly did not expect Mueller to go beyond the report's public findings during the hearing, there was hope on their end that simply by having Mueller restate what's in the report, they'd change some minds. Commentators are not sensing that that's what's happening so far, though.

That doesn't mean the Republicans have things on cruise control. Their questions remain intense, but analysts think they're coming up empty, as well.

Mueller hasn't impressed many observers himself, and his admirers have reportedly even expressed some concern about his "visible struggle" to answer some questions. Meanwhile, others think that it's all part of a plan.