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North Korea-U.S. Relations

Trump says Kim offered a 'small apology' for North Korean weapons tests, which he says he'll stop once joint military exercises end

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un isn't happy with the United States and South Korea, but he apparently doesn't blame President Trump.

North Korea reportedly fired two projectiles off its east coast on Saturday, its fifth such launch in recent weeks, including the second this week. South Korea's military believes the projectiles are short-range ballistic missiles, which, if confirmed, would be a breach of 11 United Nations Security Council resolutions. Analysts believe the recent tests are meant to serve as retaliation for a U.S.-South Korea joint military drill set to begin on Sunday, as well as leverage in bilateral talks with Washington.

As for Trump? Well, Kim is cool with him it seems.

In fact, the most recent launches occurred just hours after Trump said he received another "very beautiful letter" from North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, which prompted Trump to say he thinks "we'll have another meeting." The president then shed a little more light on their exchange Saturday in a pair of tweets. Trump also seems to want to do away with the joint exercises, which he called "ridiculous and expensive."

Kim also reportedly offered a "small apology" for the weapons tests and told Trump they'd stop once the exercises end. Tim O'Donnell