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Seth Meyers isn't shocked by Trump retweeting a 'deranged' conspiracy theory accusing an ex-president of murder

There are three things that are constant with President Trump, Seth Meyers declared on Monday's Late Night: "He's always been a racist, he's always been a con artist, and he's always been a conspiracy theorist."

Trump used the birtherism conspiracy to launch his political career, inventing an "insane fantasy" where former President Barack Obama was not born in Hawaii. In 2011, Trump was telling anyone who would listen that he had people working for him in Hawaii, digging up evidence that would hurt Obama. "They cannot believe what they're finding," Trump told former Today host Meredith Viera. "He said that eight years ago and he's never once explained what they were finding, and the reason is because there were no investigators searching for documents in Hawaii," Meyers said. "If he did send anyone down there, it was probably his two weird sons."

Trump's conspiratorial side was on full display over the weekend, when he retweeted a "deranged conspiracy theory accusing a previous president of murder," Meyers said. The tweet tied accused sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein's death to the Clintons, and while reporting on the matter, CNN's Jake Tapper refused to put the message up on the screen. "The president's tweets are so insane the news can't even show them now," Meyers said. "It's getting to the point where when he talks to reporters, they're gonna have to blur out his entire face. They're gonna have to treat him like accidental nudity; we elected President Nip Slip." Watch the video below. Catherine Garcia