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Trump allies are reportedly raising $2 million to attack The New York Times and other mainstream media

President Trump's media attacks are reportedly getting a campaign of their own.

Trump's allies have long followed along with and engaged in his attempts to discredit mainstream media reporting, prompting an apparent "loose network" of them to recently start a campaign against the news, The New York Times reported last week. And now that campaign is taking the turn for the official, with Trump supporters looking to raise $2 million dedicated to "targeting the people producing the news," Axios reports via a three-page fundraising pitch outlining the project.

Some Republicans have waged wars against social media, claiming Facebook, Google, and other platforms' algorithms are biased against conservatives' posts. But Trump has noticeably narrowed in on mainstream media organizations such as CNN, The New York Times, and The Washington Post — which are all mentioned as "primary targets" of the $2 million campaign, Axios reports. The money will reportedly go toward "investigating" the reporters and editors at these outlets, and damaging information will be leaked to "friendly media outlets" such as Breitbart.

Even without funding, this operation has reportedly already gotten started, per the Times. The pro-Trump group recently unearthed anti-Semitic posts from a Times editor, and when the editor apologized, an "informal adviser" to Donald Trump Jr. tweeted that there was "lots more where this came from." Read more at Axios.