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Trump to Erdogan in bizarre letter about Turkish offensive in Syria: 'Don’t be a fool!'

Several members of the media were holding out for a while before reporting on a letter that President Trump supposedly sent to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan because they weren't sure if it was a joke.

In the bizarre letter, which was dated Oct. 9 and first reported by Fox Business' Trish Regan on Wednesday, Trump tells Erdogan not to be a "tough guy" or a "fool," and warns him against "slaughtering thousands of people" during Turkey's military offensive in northern Syria following the withdrawal of U.S. troops in the region. He then promises to call Erdogan "later."

Despite reports that it's real, many observers are still not quite convinced of the letter's authenticity or if it was actually sent last week — either way, they're baffled by its content and style. Tim O'Donnell