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coronavirus update

A 2nd U.S. coronavirus case has been confirmed in Chicago

A second case of the coronavirus that originated in Wuhan, China and has left more than 20 people dead has been confirmed in the United States.

Officials on Friday said a Chicago woman in her 60s has been diagnosed with the virus, and they're monitoring 63 other possible cases across 22 U.S. states, CNBC reports. The Chicago patient, who last week returned home from Wuhan, is reportedly isolated in the hospital, and officials say she's doing well. She reportedly "had very limited movement from outside her home and did not use public transportation or attend any large gatherings," CNBC writes.

The first U.S. case of the coronavirus was confirmed three days ago when a man in Washington state was diagnosed, The Washington Post reports. As of Friday, Chinese officials have confirmed 26 deaths and 830 cases of the virus, The New York Times reports.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention officials say "they expected the virus ... would spread to more people in the U.S. and elsewhere around the world," The Wall Street Journal writes. At least 22 coronavirus cases have been confirmed outside of mainland China, CNN reports.

Travel restrictions have been imposed in China affecting around 30 million people ahead of the Lunar New Year. Chinese authorities have canceled all large-scale Lunar New Year events, CNN reports, while Shanghai Disneyland and almost 70,000 movie theaters have also closed. CNN writes that seeing as "Lunar New Year is to China what the Christmas-New Year holiday period is to the United States," it's "hard to overstate the significance of this."