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Biden doesn't think 'it's time' for an Obama endorsement

Former Vice President Joe Biden has picked up some big endorsements in the last week or so, including a couple in Virginia after he won South Carolina's Democratic presidential primary Saturday. But in case you're wondering if former President Barack Obama will get behind his old right-hand man before Super Tuesday, Biden suggests not holding your breath.

During an appearance on ABC's This Week on Sunday, host George Stephanopoulos asked Biden, who is back in the thick of the race but is still likely chasing national frontrunner Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), if it's time for Obama to endorse him. Biden often evokes Obama's legacy during his campaign, but he said he isn't bothered by the fact that the former commander-in-chief has kept his distance from the race overall. In fact, he told Stephanopoulos he needs to "earn it on his own" and that an Obama endorsement would have created the perception Biden thought he was "entitled" to the presidency.

The vice president said he knows his old running mate will show up for him should he win the nomination and help him campaign against President Trump. But, the Democratic primary, it seems, is his fight. Tim O'Donnell