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Super Tuesday

Amy Klobuchar endorses Joe Biden, calls on Democrats to rally behind him

Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.) ended her presidential campaign on Monday morning, but hit the trail for former Vice President Joe Biden on Monday night.

Klobuchar joined Biden for a rally in Dallas, where she proclaimed that it is "time for Americans to join hands instead of pointing fingers. It is time to turn back the division and the hate and the exclusion and the bitterness, and it is time to work together to lift up those who are left out and to bring people with us instead of shoving them away."

In a pointed message to the different wings of the Democratic Party, Klobuchar shared a warning. "If we spend the next four months dividing our party and going at each other, we will spend the next four years watching Donald Trump tear apart this country," she said. Klobuchar explained that she decided to endorse Biden because "he has dedicated his life to fighting for people, not for the rich and powerful but for the mom, for the farmer, for the dreamer, for the builder, for the veteran. He can bring our country together and build that coalition of our fired-up Democratic base — and it is fired up — as well as independents and moderate Republicans, because we do not want to just eke by a victory. We want to win big, and Joe Biden can do that."