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A Florida plaza bearing Trump's name just removed any mention of the president

A plaza by any other name would certainly smell as sweet.

Trump Plaza, a property housing twin-tower condominium buildings in West Palm Beach, Florida, has removed its ground floor signage bearing the president's name, The Palm Beach Post reports. Management took down the signs Monday morning for the "safety" of the plaza's residents, General Manager Michael Kampy reportedly wrote in a memo to building tenants.

The plaza has carried President Trump's name since he bought the complex in 1986, although the president sold the property in 1991 and has since had nothing to do with its business or operations.

The switching of the signage comes amid nationwide protests over the police killing of George Floyd, a black man in Minneapolis. Trump's various responses to the protests, which include threatening violence and staging a photo-op after federal police used tear gas on protesters, have only fanned the flames of unrest, critics say.

Florida protesters have capitalized on Trump Plaza in the past, with 1,000 protesters reportedly gathering there in 2017. Amid the ongoing protests, management is reportedly urging "residents to abstain from standing in front of the building, even when taking their dogs out." Read more at The Palm Beach Post.