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Trump administration to extend, expand pandemic-related immigration restrictions

The White House is citing the coronavirus pandemic as the driving force behind President Trump's executive order issued Monday that extends previously implemented immigration restrictions through the end of the year while also expanding the limits to new visa categories.

The Trump administration claims the restrictions — which apply to several different types of work and cultural exchange visas, including those in the technology sector — are meant to protect U.S. workers who lost jobs because of the coronavirus; the White House estimates the executive order will prevent foreign workers from filling 525,000 jobs.

But, per The Washington Post, the president's critics believe the pandemic is masking the Trump administration's actual motivation, which is to satisfy the administration's longstanding goal of curtailing immigration, a key aspect of the 2016 presidential campaign.

The restrictions do continue to provide exceptions. Agricultural laborers, some health care workers, university professors, and child-care providers will still be able to acquire their visas. Read more at The Washington Post.