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RNC 2020

Biden spokesman likens the Republican National Convention to the Twilight Zone

Since Monday, speakers at the Republican National Convention have painted a dire picture of how they imagine life would be under a President Joe Biden, saying it won't be safe to go outside due to mob violence, but it won't matter anyway because no one will have any jobs and all the businesses will be closed.

Biden didn't make any comments about the Republican National Convention on Wednesday, focusing instead on the police-involved shooting of Jacob Blake in Wisconsin. He said the fact that Blake was shot in front of his children made him "sick," and decried the looting that took place in the aftermath of peaceful protests. "Needless violence won't heal us," Biden said. "We need to end the violence — and peacefully come together to demand justice."

While Biden stayed mum on the RNC, his running mate, Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.), and spokesperson Andrew Bates did not. Bates told NBC News the RNC has been filled with "toxic divisiveness, Twilight Zone conspiracy theories, and dangerous misinformation about the pandemic that Trump has failed to make headway with for months."

Harris connected with supporters via text, sending out a message ahead of Vice President Mike Pence's speech. She told donors she's "not worried about what he's going to say — I know it will be nothing but lies."