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Biden town hall

Biden promises to focus on spreading 'decency and honor' if he loses election

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden has a plan — albeit a not too hopeful one — for his potential loss to President Trump.

During his Thursday town hall with ABC News, a voter asked Biden how he would fight for a "more perfect union" should he lose the 2020 election. "To be honest with you, I think that's very hard," Biden said, as Trump doesn't seem to learn from mistakes or criticism — or even his impeachment.

Still, Biden said he would return to being a professor at the University of Pennsylvania and keep "focusing on ... what constitutes decency and honor in this country. It's the thing that got me involved in public life to begin with." Biden continued his point by talking about race, declaring "everyone's entitled to be treated with dignity," and that's something he'd fight for as "a defeated candidate for president" or in the White House.

Moderator George Stephanopoulos then asked Biden what a loss would tell him "about where America is today." "It could say that I'm a lousy candidate, that I didn't do a good job," Biden responded. "But I hope that it doesn't say we're as racially, ethnically, and religiously at odds with one another as it appears the president wants us to be."