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Biden projected to win 306 electoral votes, which Trump deemed a 'landslide' in 2016

The last two states have officially been called in the 2020 election, bringing President-elect Joe Biden to a number of electoral votes that should look quite familiar to President Trump.

More than a week after Election Day, CNN and The New York Times projected on Friday that Biden will win Georgia, while CNN and CBS also projected that Trump will win North Carolina. This means Biden has ended with 306 electoral votes, while Trump won 232. Biden had already been projected as the race's winner after carrying Pennsylvania.

If Biden's final number of electoral votes rings a bell, it's because it's exactly as many as Trump won in 2016, although Politico notes he "technically received only 304 thanks to two so-called faithless electors."

At the time, Trump's campaign described his win with that electoral vote count as a landslide. Kellyanne Conway, Trump campaign manager in 2016, tweeted, "306. Landslide. Blowout. Historic." Trump on numerous occasions has also described his win as a landslide, in 2016 calling it a "massive landslide victory" and earlier this year claiming it was an Electoral College victory "like people haven't seen in a long time." Trump has yet to concede the 2020 race to Biden.