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David Perdue has accounted for nearly one-third of the Senate's stock trades during his term

Sen. David Perdue (R-Ga.) isn't the only lawmaker in the upper chamber who has traded in stocks, bonds, and funds, but he has been the most prolific over the course of his six-year term, The New York Times reports after analyzing data compiled by Senate Stock Watcher, a nonpartisan website that aggregates publicly available information on lawmakers' trading.

Since he's been office, the Times found, Perdue has accounted for nearly one-third of all Senate trades, and his 2,596 trades roughly equal the trading volume of the Senate's next five most active traders over that span combined.

The activity has elicited scrutiny, especially this year when the Justice Department investigated (and declined to bring charges against) Perdue for possible insider trading, because many trades involved companies within industries related to Senate committees and subcommittees on which he serves. Perdue doesn't handle day-to-day decisions of his portfolio, the communications director of his re-election campaign told the Times, but the matter will likely be a factor in the final weeks before the Georgia Senate runoffs. Read more at The New York Times.