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MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell's election conspiracy documentary starts with an epic disclaimer from OAN

Mike Lindell's election fraud conspiracies are too wild even for OANN.

The MyPillow CEO and big fan of former President Donald Trump has been spouting unproven and unhinged conspiracy theories alleging Trump actually won re-election for months now. And on Friday, he bought out a three-hour spot on the far-right One America News Network to host a so-called documentary outlining his very false claims.

OANN is no stranger to airing falsities about the 2020 election; the lies it promoted often even ended up in Trump's tweets until his Twitter suspension last month. But Lindell's documentary apparently went too far, leading the network to put a massive disclaimer ahead of the presentation that both disavows Lindell's claims and encourages viewers to "hear from all sides," even Lindell's patently false one.

OANN is the latest right-wing network to display a bit of hesitation when dealing with Lindell. NewsMax had Lindell on as a guest the other day to discuss his ban from Twitter, but when he immediately turned to the election, one of the hosts stormed off the set. The NewsMax host has since apologized to Lindell.