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Myanmar's military sets curfews in attempt to crack down on spreading protests

Myanmar's military junta, which seized control from the elected government in a coup last week, has been trying to quell nationwide protests for the last few days. Over the weekend, an internet blockade was in force, only for access to be restored 24 hours later, as demonstrators continued to take to the streets. The crowds reportedly continued to grow Monday, prompting the junta to set curfews from 8 p.m. to 4 a.m. and limit gatherings of more than five people, effectively banning the rallies, The Associated Press reports.

State media reportedly addressed the protests for the first time Monday by claiming they were endangering the country's stability. "Democracy can be destroyed if there is no discipline," the Ministry of Information said in a statement read on television. "We will have to take legal actions to prevent acts that are violating state stability, public safety, and the rule of law."

So far, the demonstrations have mostly been peaceful, although there have been reports of police firing rubber bullets and water cannons. Per AP, growth of the protests in Naypyitaw was "particularly ... striking" because it's home to many civil servants and their families, which potentially highlights the "level of anger among people" who had experienced democracy over the last few years after decades of military rule. Read more at The Associated Press.