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It wasn't all bad

This Miami janitor is keeping people fed, in her neighborhood and beyond

Every Friday night, long after everyone else in her house has gone to bed, Doramise Moreau can be found in the kitchen, cooking plate after plate of chicken, turkey, rice, and beans. She's been doing this since the coronavirus pandemic began last spring, and doesn't plan on stopping.

Moreau, 60, cooks at least 1,000 meals every week for the hungry, delivering them to Miami's Notre Dame d'Haiti Catholic Church. The church uses donations to pay for the groceries, but Moreau does the shopping and cooking solo, after she is done working for the day as a school janitor. Moreau told The Associated Press she never will turn away anyone who is hungry, saying "if they go home and have nothing, it hurts my feelings."

Even as a child, Moreau wanted to make sure people were fed — she would take any extra food she could find at home and give it to those in need. Moreau doesn't earn much money, but makes it a priority to regularly send food pallets to relatives and neighbors in her hometown near Port-au-Prince, directing her sister on what items get delivered to which house.

"She takes care of everybody from A to Z," Reginald Jean-Mary, Notre Dame d'Haiti's pastor, told AP. "She's a true servant. She goes above and beyond the scope of work to be a presence of hope and compassion for others."