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It wasn't all bad

Woman finds her biological parents — and then reunites the former couple

When Laura Mabry decided to find out more information on her biological parents, she had no idea she would end up playing matchmaker, bringing them back together after 50 years.

Mabry, a resident of Springdale, Arkansas, was adopted in 1968, and grew up in a loving home. Two years ago, she began looking for information on her birth parents, and after taking a DNA test, quickly connected with her biological mother, Donna Horn. Mabry learned that her biological parents were high school sweethearts from Indiana, and because they were young when Horn became pregnant, they chose adoption.

Horn told Mabry her biological father was named Joe Cougill, and it wasn't long before Mabry was able to find him. She passed along Cougill's phone number to Horn, and before long they were "immediately bonded," Mabry told ABC News. When they started talking again, Horn was a widow and Cougill was divorced, but they didn't stay single for long — last May, the reconnected couple got married.

"This has fulfilled something in my life that even I didn't realize I needed so much," Mabry told ABC News. Learning about their history has been "so important," she added, and has "helped complete my whole identity, which has been great." Catherine Garcia