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It wasn't all bad

Dog stops traffic to get help for her owner during medical emergency

During a walk through her Ottawa neighborhood last month, Clover proved that she is also clever, as the dog was able to quickly get help for her owner who had a seizure.

Haley Moore and Clover, a Maremma mix, were taking a stroll when suddenly, Haley began to seize. She told CTV News that she doesn't remember what happened next, but a home security camera was able to fill in the blanks. The camera recorded Clover looking at Haley, then looking at a car driving by. Haley was still holding onto Clover's leash, but when she saw a truck approaching, Clover was able to break free and went into the road, forcing the driver, Dryden Oatway, to stop.

"It was really impressive, the dog actually blocked my way," Oatway told CTV News. "She kind of backed into the road to block my truck." When he saw Haley was lying face down on the ground, Oatway jumped out of his truck and ran over to help. Clover then got the attention of another driver, Danielle Pilon, and once she was out of her car, Clover headed home.

Haley's dad, Randall Moore, told CTV News his neighbors came over and "were frantic," telling him that Clover "was barking like crazy." By the time Moore got to his daughter, she was being treated by paramedics. Haley does not know what caused the seizure, but said if this happens again, she will feel "10 times safer" because Clover will be there. She is "really amazing," Haley said, and the family showed Clover their appreciation by treating her to a steak dinner. Catherine Garcia