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Kim Kardashian confirmed to have a lot of money

If the house-sized refrigerator, 14 Friesian horses, and ability to "humbly" rent a private island in the middle of a pandemic didn't tip you off, Kim Kardashian has a lot of money.

So much money, in fact, that she made this year's Forbes list of People With a Lot of Money (which Forbes prefers to call its "World's Billionaire List"). It is Kim's first time appearing on the list — alongside 492 other newcomers — since her stake in KKW Beauty and her shapewear company Skims tipped her from being "absurdly wealthy" and into the category of "profanely wealthy."

Meanwhile, another person with a reputation for being talentless but very, very rich tumbled nearly 300 spots on Forbes' list, and is now merely the 1,299th richest person in the world. Read more at CNN and Forbes.