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Biden's joint address

Fox News' Chris Wallace expects Biden's speech will be popular with Americans

Fox News anchor Chris Wallace expects President Biden's address to a joint session of Congress will be well-received by the American people.

"I think this is gonna be a popular speech with the American public," Wallace said after Biden concluded his remarks. "He offered a lot of stuff ... and the other thing that's pretty popular is he said 'you're not gonna have to pay for it.'"

In his analysis, Wallace surmised that Biden and his advisers "made a calculation" that Americans have "come to have a different feeling about government" during the coronavirus pandemic, that they're now "more trusting" and aware of the "need of government." So while some of Biden's themes "might have turned a lot of people off, and probably still will," Wallace said, the White House believes "the majority of people are gonna say 'the government's here and they're here to help you'" in response to the speech. Tim O'Donnell