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Ted Cruz asked if he'd 'fellate another man' during Yale Q&A

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) sputtered before answering a risqué question during a Q&A session at Yale University on Monday, Mediaite reports.

"Assuming that it would end global hunger, would you fellate another man?" the questioner asked. Mediaite referred to the questioner as a student. In the video, he identifies himself as "Evan" after approaching the microphone during a live taping of the podcast Verdict with Ted Cruz.

Cruz seemed to choke on his words before co-host Michael Knowles — who graduated from Yale in 2012 — said, "Well, actually, so, I do have an answer to this."

Cruz appeared relieved. "Alright, I actually think it is better that the Yalie answer this."

"Like a typical left-wing undergraduate, you are engaging in consequentialist ethics," Knowles said, grinning. Consequentialism is an ethical theory that judges the morality of an action based on its consequences. It is the opposite of deontology, which posits that certain actions are inherently wrong and therefore never justified.  

"You are attempting to justify, flagrantly immoral behavior to achieve a good end," Knowles continued. "And I tell you, my friend, the ends do not justify the means — absolutely, absolutely not."

At this point, Cruz finally rose to the challenge. "I am curious, with that young fellow: If it would solve world hunger, would you vote for Donald Trump?" he asked. Co-host Liz Wheeler, along with several members of the crowd, burst out laughing.