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This could be the 'most vegan Thanksgiving ever'

Brace yourselves, carnivores — there's a new holiday diet in town.

This year's turkey day feast is set to be America's "most vegan Thanksgiving ever," as households prepare to celebrate alongside a growing number of plant-eaters and "flexitarians," Axios reports.

More than half of Americans believe "offering vegan options at holiday gatherings is important"; a similar number "have hosted guests who follow a special diet in the last year," Whole Foods told Axios. In fact, demand for the grocery chain's vegan Thanksgiving meal for two was so strong last year its being offered again now.

Doron Petersan, owner of a vegan bakery and vegan restaurant in Washington, D.C., told Axios her stores have gotten "twice as many orders for Thanksgiving meals in 2021 than in 2020," Axios writes. And in Minneapolis, vegan restaurant The Herbivorous Butcher sold out of its "turkey-free feast" packages by early November.

"Every year it gets a little bit crazier. ... We sell more every year and we find ways to work around our tiny kitchen to make more," co-owner Kale Walch told Axios.

But don't necessarily think switching to a plant-based turkey will make a Thanksgiving entree easier to find or buy. "Anyone know of a store that still has the Tofurky roast?" one woman wrote in an Austin Vegans Facebook group, per Axios. "It's been out of stock everywhere we have looked so far." Read more at Axios.