12 iconic Breaking Bad props you can actually own
ScreenBid is giving Breaking Bad fans a chance to unleash their inner Heisenberg with actual props from the show
You need Walter-White-level cash, but you could bid on some pretty cool memorabilia.
You need Walter-White-level cash, but you could bid on some pretty cool memorabilia. (Facebook/Breaking Bad)

Breaking Bad's final episode is barely a week away. But thanks to auction site ScreenBid, a few lucky (and presumably wealthy) fans will soon have the chance to own a little piece of the show forever.

The site's collection of Breaking Bad props include plenty of mundane items, including a series of Los Pollos Hermanos name tags and an empty wine bottle. But there are plenty of gems to be found, too. Starting on Sept. 29, you can be the one who bids on a wide range of iconic props from the show. These are the 12 items that should be at the top of your list:

12. Marie's stolen spoon
Starting price: $250


There was a time when Marie Schrader's biggest problem was kleptomania. This tiny collectable spoon is a reminder that crime comes in all sizes on Breaking Bad.

11. Todd's tarantula and jar
Starting price: $250


After shooting Drew Sharp, Todd kept the tarantula the boy had collected in a jar as a kind of totem. Perfect for your favorite sociopath!

10. Lily of the Valley
Starting price: $500


The very plant Walter used to poison Brock. But don't worry about getting poisoned yourself; according to ScreenBid, it's totally artificial.

9. Jesse Pinkman's Roomba
Starting price: $200


Need to clean up after a rager? Let Jesse's Roomba do the work (and don't forget to check for ricin).

8. Bike lock for murder
Starting price: $1,000


This is what Walter used to kill Krazy-8, who was strapped to a pole at the time. Can also presumably be used to lock bikes.

7. Hank's rose quartz
Starting price: $35


For anyone who wants to start their very own mineral collection, Hank's pink-gray mineral ($35) and quartz crystal ($100) are also available.

6. Walter White's Aztek
Starting price: $1,000


Vince Gilligan famously had Walter's car custom-painted a specific shade of green to communicate his protagonist's mental state. Now you can drive that hideous car around!

5. Tuco's grill
Starting price: $2,500


When Hank shot and killed Tuco Salamanca, his fellow DEA agents marked the occasion by encasing Tuco's grill in Lucite and giving it to him as a kind of trophy. Hank later threw it away — but you can decorate your desk with it for a cool $2,500.

4. Pink teddy bear
Starting price: $1,500


There are actually two teddy bears up for auction that were salvaged from the wreckage of Flight 515: One with eyes, and one without. But don't worry if you can only afford the bear without eyes — a set of teddy bear eyes are also for sale separately.

3. Hector "Tio" Salamanca's bell
Starting price: $3,500


When Tio lost the ability to speak, he learned how to communicate exclusively through his bell. Buy it and irritate all your friends! (Bonus: Can also be used as detonator for wheelchair-based explosive.)

2. Walter White's inscribed Leaves of Grass
Starting price: $3,000


Gale Boetticher bought Walter this copy of Walt Whitman's Leaves of Grass and added the inscription, "To my other favorite W.W. It's an honour working with you. Fondly, G.B." Makes great bathroom reading!

1. Walter White's briefs
Starting price: $250


As Walter White has taken his five-season journey from Mr. Chips to Scarface, one thing has stayed the same: His taste in underwear. Try these briefs on for size and find out what it truly feels like to be Walter White in all his glory.

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