It's unfortunate how often we as a nation forget about lunch dessert. It has become an afterthought as we pack for work, thrown into our bags at the last minute.

Now is the time to rethink your approach to afternoon treats — dessert was the highlight of your childhood lunches, and it's time to bring that excitement back.

To properly pack (and enjoy) this mid-day luxury, you'll want to plan ahead for its safe arrival to your desk (or wherever your day takes you). Picking the right portable dessert is key — you don't want anything to smush, melt, or crumble in transit. Here are some of our favorite treats to round out a desk lunch.

Blondies, brownies, and other square, solid goodies make great on-the-go desserts. They last for days and transport well. Bake yourself a batch on Sunday, and you'll have dessert all week (or freeze some and keep the treats going for a long time).

You can have your cake and eat it for lunch, too — just make sure you skip the icing, so that it makes it to your office in good condition. Bake a chocolate loaf cake, or go with peaches. Serve a rhubarb almond crumb cake at brunch on Sunday, then bring in a slice for yourself on Monday. Or choose a snack cake, and take care of your snack and your dessert all in one.

Channel your inner child and stock up on some quality candy for your week (no vending machine visits needed). Pack some fancy caramels in your bag — just make sure that your commute isn't so hot that they will melt. Same goes for chocolate bites. If you need something that will stand up to any weather, make candied orange peels, salted maple honeycomb candies, or grab some strawberry lemon gumdrops. And, of course, feel free to mix and match.

No matter the situation, cookies are always a good option. Always. So serve yourself some chewy sugar cookies, chocolate chip cookies, or help settle an office dispute with the famous world peace cookies. Or go the wholesome route and bake a batch of quinoa cookies with coconut and chocolate chunks.

If you're down to do a little work in the office kitchen (and your office kitchen has a toaster), toast some bread, and spread something sweet on top. Bring in some maple cream with a hearty wheat bread, or go all-out-French with homemade Nutella on a slice of brioche. Hint: This is also a great way to get rid of leftover bread.

Now go forth and spread the word that lunch dessert is back.

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